Amazing April and Autism Awareness – Awesome!

As another April comes to an end, I reflect on my first Autism Awareness Month “after the diagnosis”.  It was a month packed full of new adventures.  During spring break, our family celebrated World Autism Awareness & Acceptance Day at the Autism Society of North Carolina’s Camp Royall in Moncure, NC.  It was on a very warm North Carolina spring day, but the ‘hay ride’ provided a very comfortable breeze!   

We also had a quick getaway to our nation’s capital, the beautiful Washington, DC!  In DC, we were greeted by amazing cherry blossoms and SNOW!  We braved the surprisingly frigid weather long enough to walk onside the reflection pool up to the Lincoln Memorial.  This journey was especially symbolic as this visit took place the same week as so many celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, fifty years after his assassination. 

Another super awesome event that the family participated in was the “It’s Cool to Fly American” event at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.  This event, hosted by American Airlines, AT&T, and the HollyRod Foundation, provided individuals with autism, and other developmental disabilities, and their families with a mock flight!  We were given tickets, went through security and boarded the plane.  We were able to experience the acceleration of the plane – although we did not take off.  We were even served drinks.  It was a useful experience to get a glimpse of how air travel might be in the future. 

As this Amazing April and Autism Awareness Month comes to an end, I am looking forward to the many adventures to come!  I plan to organize a team for at least one run/walk for Autism in the 2018 – stay tune for an invite!  I am also in the planning process of proposing a school program to promote autism awareness year-round and to promote better acceptance of autistic children from the general student population.  This is all to say, I am “Not Mad”.  I am “Motivated”.  Wishing you all a #NotMadMotivatedLife!   

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