What does ‘Not Mad. Motivated.’ mean?

The phrase “Not Mad. Motivated.®” is very personal to me.  The phrase represents a phase in my life when I needed to dig deep and fight through some of my biggest tests and obstacles.  “Not Mad. Motivated.®” also represents the mind set that I desired to take on once my youngest son was diagnosed with autism.

Many negative feelings can disguise itself within a cloak of anger and madness.  I was never “mad” at autism. I am, however,  worried that my support as a parent would be inadequate for maximizing my son’s development. At times, I feel overwhelmed by the need to balance daily care of my children and self-care, all while nurturing a career and attempting to keep a house in order.  My responsibilities do not cause me to feel mad or angry.  It is the fear of failing at my responsibilities, and therefore failing myself, my children, family, and friends, that causes a self-critical mindset.

“Not Mad. Motivated.®”  is meant to inspire all of us who ever feels inadequate, overwhelmed, fearful, or self-critical.  “Not Mad. Motivated.®” is meant to remind all of us to climb above negativity through appreciation, awareness, thoughtfulness, and hopefulness.  What does “Not Mad. Motivated.®” mean to you?  Please leave your comments below or tweet us @notmadmotivated using #NotMadMotivatedLife.

“Not Mad. Motivated.®” – Inspiring Positive Thoughts to Encourage Positive Actions!

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