Celebrate Often! A “Not Mad. Motivated.” Point of View

As a parent of an Autistic child with learning disabilities, adopting the habit of celebrating – even the smallest of victories – is not unusual. Something as small as my son handing me a plate with a bag of chips, or a container of hummus, is enough for me to celebrate! Not only is he communicating his desires, but he is also displaying significant growth.

In the past, instead of handing me items, he would go ‘shopping’ in the kitchen on his own. He is very observant and incredibly fast. The exact moment that there was not at least one eye on him, he would stealthily invade the pantry or refrigerator, opening whatever he had a taste for, by any means necessary. The devastation left behind was often a test of my patience.

Witnessing his growth does wonders for my ability to support him. It is his growth, big or small, that reminds me to not get in the way of his progress! His growth reminds me that he is only volunteering to show me a snapshot of his abilities; and that I must discover how to motivate him to share more of his hidden skills and talents.

A “Not Mad. Motivated.” Point of View

No matter your situation, strive to find your reason(s) to celebrate today and everyday. It is not always easy but I assure you that there is at least one reason to be grateful. If you did not wake up in pain, celebrate – be thankful. If you woke up in less pain then you were in the night before, be thankful. If you had a safe place to sleep last night, be thankful. You could never count all of the many Blessings that you experience in a day or a life, so decide to celebrate often!

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