Happy Birthday – A “Not Mad. Motivated.” Giveaway

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Happy Birthday, Leos!

With us celebrating three birthdays in less than a month’s time, it is officially birthday season at Not Mad. Motivated.!

Twelve years ago, on July 25th, Elijah was born. He celebrated in style in his new suit, tie and hat. Three weeks and one day after Elijah’s birthday, I will celebrate a milestone as I leave my thirties behind! On August 16th, I will turn fabulous forty! I am looking forward to a new year of adventures and achievements! Three days after my birthday, on August 19th, Samir will be nine! Since our birthdays are so close, we plan to celebrate with a mini vacation. I hope to go somewhere with plenty of history for my little historian to explore.

Traditionally, the birthday person receives gifts but there is not rule against the birthday person giving a gift to someone else for their birthday! With that said, we at Not Mad. Motivated. are planning a giveaway for out birthday. We are in the process of deciding what that gift will be, but we are still very excited. It might be a “Not Mad. Motivated.” shirt or mug. It might be a donation to a DonorsChoose project. Once we decide, we will let you know in a new blog. If you are interested in the giveaway, make sure to subscribe to the Not Mad. Motivated. blog and getting the latest news from us.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – A “Not Mad. Motivated.” Giveaway

  1. My birthday is Sept, 21, the Grandson’s wife is Sept. 27, his is Oct. 1, his Mom’s is Oct. 3, and my son’s is Oct. 6…. Five birthdays in a week-and-a-half – now that’s Birthday Madness. The wife’s is Feb. 19 – it gives us almost 6 months to rest up and save for her present. 😳

    1. That is Birthday madness! We have many more family members birthdays in August/September/October. I have a youngest sister that was born the day before my 9th birthday.
      My youngest son’s birthday is in March so we also have recovery time! Thank you for reading and commenting!

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