Tell the Children the Truth: About America

There are many songs by the legendary Bob Marley which often brings me to tears. After hearing about Trump’s “Mount Rushmore” speech, one song, in particular, has occupied my mind space. The toward the end of the song Babylon System, from the album Survival, the phase “Tell the Children the Truth” repeats. Mr. Marley’s pleas to be honest with the children is still painful to hear, as I witness a “president” who refuses to tell the truth about America!

Have the heart to Tell the Children the Truth!

In his speech, Trump portrays this idea that schools are vilifying the heroes that built our country. However, I have witnessed the exact opposite. I have donated to many book projects for teachers, classrooms, and schools over the last couple of years. Looking at those books, I do not see “our heroes” being vilifying. Instead, I see our heroes becoming more inclusive.

“Our children are taught in school to hate their own country and that the men and women who built it were not heroes but that were villains.”

Trump, Mount Rushmore, July 03, 2020

When our teachers expose students to the US enslavement of Africans and their descendants, they teach that those Black Lives Mattered. They teach about men and women who literally built our country. Men and women who were literally vilified – not even recognized as human for a time!

When our teachers teach about the land stolen from the Native Americans, and the immigrants whose labor also built America, they teach about the truth that Trump and his followers would rather forget. The US was built by many, but greatly profited only a few. To keep that balance of imbalance, those who invested the most blood, sweat, and tears were made the enemy of the US. This is not hate speech, it is truth.

A Not Mad. Motivated. Point of View

The history of America gives witness to the fact that wealth and power has always been more important than its people. There is a lot to be mad about when it comes to our history and the impact that it continues to have on so many today. If you are angry, make sure you are angry with a purpose! Seek knowledge. Have real conversations. Move with kindness. Have compassion. Tell the Truth. Do NOT just get MAD. Get MOTIVATED. The difference starts at home.

Get ready to make positive  moves!
Change in US starts with us!

5 thoughts on “Tell the Children the Truth: About America

      1. The one pictured in red and white is what I want in sz lg. I will purchase that one!

  1. Great post. It is interesting how the history that’s taught in schools paints a biased picture. It’s the same in every country in the world. Biases are passed down from generation to generation. When I was a child living in England, my dad gave me a very one-sided view of the conflict in Northern Ireland. Only when I went to Northern Ireland as an adult and talked to my family and took the time to learn their side did I realize I was missing most of the facts.

    I am not sure what the answer is but things need to change.

    1. You’re right. The biases taught are interesting. For a long time, slavery or the Black Experience was not a ‘real’ topic in our schools. I am glad to see more teachers/schools taking the initiative to incorporate this more in the classroom. However, for others still not exposed, its like you said, they have to get the exposure on their own.
      No country wants to paint a picture that says they were wrong. But when you see how wrong they were/are against their own citizens, it makes you wonder about the role that country played around the world.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

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