About Not Mad. Motivated.

Not Mad. Motivated. was inspired by Autism. Being a parent or caregiver of an Autistic child or adult can be full of challenges and obstacles. There are peaks and valleys behind and beyond. However, there are great gifts and happiness, also. When you learn to celebrate the big and the small, life becomes a little sweeter! A new word or expression? Celebration! Trying a new food? Celebration! Following a direction? Celebration! A good night sleep! Celebrate and go to bed! Graduating from High School or College? Super big Celebration! There are so many unique milestones that are added to our lives, which makes Autism a unique gift to all who interact with our super special ones. 

Although the inspiration to start Not Mad. Motivated. is Autism, we all have obstacles that the Not Mad. Motivated. mindset can help us conquer! Whether you are the underdog or the under-served, the victim or the survivor, the advocate or the activist, please do not let the many obstacles that will fall at your feet and on your shoulders keep you from your successes. Instead, let your challenges be the fuel for your fire for greatness!

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