About Not Mad. Motivated., LLC.

One of our affirmations cards that should remind us to stop and acknowledge the woman in the mirror.

Not Mad. Motivated. is a Black Muslim Woman-owned product and service based business located in Durham, NC, USA. Our mission is to affirm the voice of women who have experienced domestic violence by providing products and services that promote self-love and empowerment. We want to inspire survivors to increase self-acceptance, with the aim of decreasing the possibility of becoming stuck in past or getting involved in future abuses, through our bold messages on t-shirts and affirmation cards, and as well as our coaching services and workshops .

About Not Mad. Motivated. Leadership – Margaret Hall

Margaret Hall is a mother of three boys who has experienced domestic violence abuse. The first time she said “I’m not mad.  I’m motivated.”, she was fighting through here own experience with domestic violence.  She immediately felt the impact of the phrase and knew that she wanted to use it to encourage others to choose a path of self-love and growth after the devastation of abuse.  

With self-connection, self-reflection, and self-love being important ingredients to begin healing, she decided to create the Affirmations after Escaping Domestic Violence Abuse affirmation cards and the Mirrored Motivation Affirmation t-shirt. Her goal with the cards and t-shirts to decrease the chance of returning to abuse.

Not Mad. Motivated. Mission

The mission of Not Mad. Motivated. is to affirm the voice and struggles of the often silenced woman who has experienced domestic violence abuse.

Not Mad. Motivated. Values

  • Faith
  • Compassion
  • Connection
  • Joy
  • Change
  • Consistency

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