Let’s Make a Notebook!

Who else loves shopping for stationery supplies? Notebooks and filler paper? Pens and pencils? Post-it Notes and index cards? Some of the simple pleasures in life.

As a DV survivor and a Life Coach, I know how important it is to get your thoughts out. I also know how a good to-do list can motivate action and improve self-accountability.

With my appreciation for stationery and my desire to see women who have experienced domestic violence LIVE – and not just survive – after DV, I decided to launch a series of tools to assist. The first tool being our handmade notebook.

A Quick Behind the Scene

Check out this quick video showing how we make our Not Mad. Motivated. Handmade Notebook. We print our lines and covers, we punch the holes and bind it all together. [Please excuse my son’s music at the end of the video💜]

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Let’s Make a Notebook!

New Product Alert: NMM Notes – Spiral Notebook

A little writing goes a long way….

Did you know that writing/journaling can be used as a therapeutic tool? Writing can help you process and understand your feelings. When you give yourself permission to reflect and feel, you give yourself the opportunity to heal!

This notebook was designed by a survivor of domestic violence because surviving is just the beginning. There is life after domestic violence – not just surviving. And writing is a great way to get back to living!

This eye catching design incorporates:

1) camouflage: since in times of danger, camouflage helps keep you hidden, increasing the chance of surviving

2) the color purple: for domestic violence awareness and the bravery needed to escape and start living again 

3) the color green: for the needed growth, renewal of self, and peace

4) the color gold: for the earned success and wisdom and

5) a teacup: to relax and build healthy connections with self and others.  

When you purchase this spiral notebook with ruled line paper, that is a perfect companion in everyday life, you help support a community of women who have experienced domestic violence.

.: 118 ruled line single pages
.: Front cover print
.: Black back cover

One Size: Width, in0.59 – Length, in5.98 – Height, in7.99

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New Product Alert: NMM Notes – Spiral Notebook