Faith is. . .

What is Faith to you?

Faith is knowing, even when you are not sure.

Faith is living after you close a door.

Faith is finding joy among your sorrows.

Faith is holding on to hope for all your tomorrows.

Faith doesn’t mean that everything is perfect,

but Faith let’s you know that the work is worth it.

Life comes with hardships. It comes with pain.

Be motivated by Faith and let Faith direct your aim.

Not Mad. Motivated.
Let Faith turn your “Why Me” into “A Better Me”.

The Produce Box – Delivering Inspiration

I do not eat enough vegetables. This means, consequently, my sons do not eat enough vegetables. This truth haunts me, and it has for years. I have attempted to develop better eating and cooking habits to no real avail. However, I am still determined to make essential changes for the sake of my sons. My latest endeavor is subscribing to The Produce Box, a fruit and vegetable home delivery service. Here’s to the Produce Box – delivering inspiration!

My first (Harvest) box was full of goodness: broccoli crown, a eggplant, Ginger Gold apples, grape tomatoes, a sweet onion, yellow peaches, and two zucchinis. It originally came with corn and a corn insert (basically an instruction card), but I switched those out with tri-colored carrots and bananas.

How I Used the Produce

I am old school when it comes to broccoli: steamed and covered with cheese. The Ginger Gold apples and peaches…what a sweet treat! I am traditionally a Gala apple consumer, but I am now a serious fan of the Ginger Gold. And the peaches were perfect! I have always like peaches but I rarely buy them in the grocery store. Perhaps I do not trust my ability to find the right ones.

I tried out four new recipes to use the other items.

The Produce Box – Delivering Inspiration

The first recipe I tried is Grape Tomato, Olive, and Spinach Pasta, minus the olives. This pasta is easy, light, and meatless. The delivery came with lots of grape tomatoes and this pasta was a great way to incorporate them all. You can alter the amount of red pepper flakes to increase or decrease the spice level. Find the recipe here to give it a try.

No one in our family eats bananas like we used to eat them. Many bananas have gone bad and I was determined not to throw these bananas out. I found a great Banana Bread Muffins recipe and they were delicious. [I could actually use a few banana right now to make this recipe again.] My youngest son enjoyed the tops off of all the muffins left on the counter! Here‘s the recipe!

Next I tried Stuffed Eggplant with Ground Chicken. I only had one eggplant so I did not follow the exact recipe. I ended up over cooking my chicken – again not following the recipe. However, the outcome was still good. Next time I get eggplant in my box, I will order two and try this recipe again. Try the recipe yourself and tell me how much you love it!

Lastly, I made Sauteed Zucchini and Carrots (Pictured Above). They were very good. I did not have clarified butter, or Ghee, so my vegetables were oilier than they should had turned out to be. I have passed by Ghee many times in my local halal store. Picking up some during my next visit is planned.

You can find all four recipes on Pinterest. If you try either or all, share a picture or comment on the Not Mad. Motivated. Pinterest Page!

Not Mad. Motivated. to V.O.T.E

It is easy for people to take for grant access to healthy foods. Food deserts, regions where people have limited access to healthful and affordable food, exist throughout in the United States and the world. When larger grocery stores decide not to invest in poorer regions, the residence of the area must depend on small stores, usually with highly priced items, or they must travel outside of their region to the large stores. Both options can be unreasonable for some. This can drive already vulnerable folks to depend on highly processed, unhealthy food choices.

This is one of many reasons that our vote is so important. Our vote is our voice! We must value our vote and choose to uplift the vulnerable out of modern oppression. We must vote to help all people have opportunity to thrive. The time is now! The truth must be acknowledge. Everyone must engage for us all to have a change to excel!

I’m Not Mad. I’m Motivated. to V.O.T.E! I hope you are, too.

Email for your Voting gear!

V.O.T.E.: Voice Our Truth Everywhere

Let our
Voices must be heard! "We are tired of systematic
Oppression!" It is
Time for us all to
The most
Vulnerable must have 
Opportunities to
Everyone! Everywhere!
Value our differences by
Observing and learning from them. Let's seek the
Truth and
Engage in the change for a better US.

Get Ready to V.O.T.E.!

Are you registered? Are you required to have a valid I.D.? Do you know where your voting site is located? **Make sure it has not moved since last time** Will you be voting by mail? Have you requested a mail-in ballot? Will you have early voting? Now is the time to figure out the logistics of your vote. Voter suppression is real. When we don’t vote, we risk the well-being of us all – but especially the most vulnerable of us all!

Need more information about voting in your area, look for answers here.

V.O.T.E.: Voice Our Truth Everywhere

Our Voice, our vote. Do not let anyone take either away! Your vote matters. Your vote makes a difference. It is your right! Let’s voice our truth at the polls! Let’s vote and make US better than it has ever been.

Making Charity a Daily Habit

I love Classico® Pizza Sauce. Not only does it taste great, it also comes in a very nice mason jar. The jars are so nice that I have been saving them. But for what though, I have wondered. Drinking out of them is an easy answer, but I really wanted to repurpose them. I thought about making them into candles but I do not know how to make candles. Instead, they have been wrapped up in a box in a closet. However, recently – inspiration! They will be used to collect, and eventually distribute, daily charity. They will be used to make charity a daily habit!

Make daily charity an #2020goal!

Not long ago, I started listening to the “Angels in Your Presence” video series by Dr. Omar Suleiman. This series has, literary, been life changing as it inspires me to make positive changes in my life. In one particular video, Episode 20: A Caller from Heaven’s Gates, Dr. Suleiman declares that “Charity should be a daily habit”. He describes how his parents helped build charity in their lives by having family members to contribute everyday to a collection that would be given to someone in need once a month. The amount that was contributed did not matter, it was the act of giving that was most important. It was teaching children at an earlier age that giving to others was a duty and a Blessing. I instantly wanted this for my family!

Enter: Purposeful Mason Jar.

Making Charity a Daily Habit by Collecting change in a repurposed mason jar.
Mason Jar used to collect daily donations for someone in need.

Making Charity a Daily Habit

My older sons, soon-to-be 13 and soon-to-be 10, already have a great interest in giving. My “13” year old hates to see a person in need that we do not help; and my “10” year old has a desire to feed people in need. They are this way because of exposure. So they are both happy about this new initiative.

They have their own money and they choose how much they want to donate. They can literally give a penny {although I encourage them to give at least a nickle}. Fortunately, they usually want to give more. What I am especially excited about is that we plan to donate our first jar on my son’s 13th birthday! A 13 year old giving to someone else on his birthday . . . I love it!

Do You Give Daily?

The beautiful thing about charity is that it is not just about money. Charity can be a smile, a kind word, or a simple acknowledgement. It could be an unexpected call to say “hi”, a card that says “thinking of you”, or an helpful deed that says I care. Charity can especially be a prayer/dua for someone’s wellness or success. Start your day planning to give “charity” of some kind. Believe that we are meant to help each others – even if you give words that are hard to say but need to be heard.

Not Mad. Motivated. – a message to inspire growth

I love the message that I hope “Not Mad. Motivated.” gives. In a society where there is so much to be mad about, I choose to be motivated! Be motivated to be the change you want to see. Be motivated to win the battle you are in. Speak up for what is right. Be the good. Be the difference-maker. Anger can be paralyzing. Anger can disrupt growth. Use your anger and obstacles for growth instead of decline.

If you can relate to the “Not Mad. Motivated.” message, we welcome you to purchase our merchandise and help us spread this message of encouragement!

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